2021 International Conference on Ecology and Ocean Engineering-EOE 2021
Topics of Interest

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EOE 2021 solicits research papers describing significant and innovative contributions to the field of Ecology and Ocean Engineering. The topics of interest include but are not limited to:


Ecology Science

Ocean Engeering

Agricultural Ecology

Ocean climate and meteorology

Urban Ecology

Ocean circulation

Theoretical Ecology

Fixed and floating offshore platforms

Marine Ecology

Beach erosion and sediment transport

Microbial Ecology

Coastal infrastructure developments

Animal Ecology

Buoy technology

Chemical Ecology

Oil spill and environmental hazards

Landscape Ecology

Ocean mining

Wetland Ecology

Marine and offshore renewable energy

Population Ecology

Marine geodetic information systems

Ecological Engineering

Marine Geography and Estuary Coast

Long-Term Ecology

Marine Geophysics

Ethnic Ecology

Marine GIS and data fusion

Ecological Health and Human Ecology

Marine survey and monitoring

Pollution Ecology

Aquaculture engineering


Subsea engineering

Chinese Medicine Resource Ecology

Ship and special marine vehicle design

Freshwater Ecology

Ship production technology

Ecological Remote Sensing

Automatic Control of Marine Systems

Biological Invasion

Underwater Technology

Watershed Ecology

Port works (dredging, seawall design, etc.)

Industrial Ecology

Sea water intrusion

Regional Ecology

Tsunami, waves and tides



Ecological Meteorology

Polar Scientific

Alpine Ecology


Ecological Restoration Technologies

Global Change and Ecosystem Response

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July 30th, 2021

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